Ways a Website is Like a House: You Can Outgrow the Place

Have you ever moved into a new place and thought “what am I going to do with all this room?” only to find a few short years later that it’s just too small for you? While you might find the perfect place for your current needs, it can be surprising how quickly things change. You reach a point where redecorating, remodeling, or even adding on just aren’t going to cut it any more.

You’ve outgrown the place.

It’s time to pack up everything and everyone and move to a different location. It’s disruptive. It’s expensive. And you can’t put it off any longer. As painful as it might be, it has to be done.

Your website can be the same. No matter how much planning ahead you did and how much flexibility is built in, it’s just not working for you any more. You basically need to start from scratch and build anew. It’s disruptive. It can be expensive. And it has to be done.

straightTALK: Know when it’s time to move on.