Ways a Website is Like a House: Redecorate Every Few Years

Even the best built homes in will need a bit of refreshing every so often. Paint gets chipped, carpets get dirty, and furniture, well, it just gets old. The house itself may not need remodeling, but a nice bit of redecorating could have it looking brand new.

In the world of websites, redecorating means a new design, a new theme. Just changing up the colors and graphics, perhaps rearranging the layout slightly, can make your site ready for service for the next few years.

Redecorating projects can be quick and cheap, like a new coat of paint for the back bedroom, or they can be more extensive, like replacing all the flooring in the house. It all depends on how much you’d like to change, and how much you’ve got budgeted for it.

If you have a limited budget for redecorating, you’ll want to spend it so that it has the greatest impact. Sometimes that means new paint for the living room and sometimes that means new shelves in the closet. It all depends on where your greatest “pain point” lies. What’s going to make the biggest difference to the people using the place? Is the greatest “pain” felt by you or your visitors? Only you can decide.

Just remember that styles change, including for websites, and time marches on.

straightTALK: If you’re not redecorating every few years, you’re likely falling behind.