Ways a Website is Like a House: Commercial and Residential are Two Different Things

It’s one thing to build a home to live in, it’s a completely different thing to build for a business establishment. And while businesses are run from homes and homes can be converted for commercial use, if you’re building new you have one or the other in mind. The requirements, expectations, materials, and designs for each can be quite different. I mean, just think of the difference in the bathrooms!

If your website is going to be carrying commercial traffic, i.e., you want to make money from your website, you should have completely different expectations than if it’s simply to house your travel blog. Things like security, backups, and privacy / data policies become much more critical. So does hosting reliability – downtime becomes much less acceptable because it costs you money.

Knowing before you begin whether your site will be – or if it ever could be in the future – used for business can help get the foundation laid right to make it work just as hard as you do.

straightTALK: Commercial websites, like commercial buildings, are held to different standards.