How Much Should a Website Cost?

One of the scariest parts when looking at hiring professionals to help you with your website is the question of how much it will cost. Everyone involved needs to know, and usually everyone is afraid to talk about it.

In an effort to help you understand the market I would like to share this great article on what to expect regarding market rates. As it states, it makes many assumptions and the answer is always “it depends,” but it does provide some great background into what to expect.

How Much Should a Custom WordPress Website Cost, by Brian Krosgard on Post Status

Two things to add, though. First, if you have a set budget, letting the professional know what it is up front can help them get you the most bang for your buck and avoid a lot of frustration. Two, if you really have no idea what something costs, but are willing to find the resources to make it happen, well I hope the information in the article provides some guidance for you. If this is the case, then having a chat with a professional to have them help you define what your likely budget might be can be very helpful. Once again, let them know that you’re just looking for information rather than a full-on proposal and that you might not be ready to move forward just yet — because “straightforward” works both ways.