How a Website is Like a House: Modular Homes Still Provide Shelter

Houses come in a lot of different shapes and sizes – and budgets. Not everyone is able to build the custom home of their dreams and most people begin small (and cheap) and move up over time.

Websites can follow the same path. You might begin with a free blog (like Blogger or Tumblr) or a templated, hosted site with limited options as a starter (like SquareSpace, Wix, or Weebly). Perhaps later you move up to a premium, self-hosted website. It could be awhile – or perhaps never – that you have the need, and the budget, for a custom-built solution.

Whatever home is right for your situation, you can still decorate it stylishly and organize it effectively to get the most out of the situation. Custom homes, block homes, modular homes, heck even tents provide shelter.

straightTALK: Not everyone needs a palace. Modest accommodations can be made to work well too.