Ways a Website is Like a House: Don’t Hold the Open House on Move-In Day

You’ve been working on your website for weeks, maybe even months, and it’s finally ready to go. Exciting! But just as move-in day can be gritty and stressful, so can go-live day for a website.

Even with the best planning and preparation and testing, there’s always the possibility for something to have been missed along the way; and it will need to be addressed immediately. Little tweaks, adjusting settings, or simply waiting for the changes to reach the far corners of the globe all mean that go-live is a process and not a instantaneous thing that likes to stick to schedules.

Just as you wouldn’t host an open house dinner party the day you move in to a new house, you shouldn’t plan on making big announcements or having big events or marketing pushes the same time your new site goes live. Beer and pizza for those who helped you move in might be appropriate, but the big shindig should wait until the moving truck is out of the driveway and all the boxes have been put away.

straightTALK: Moving into a new house, or a new website, takes work and isn’t a great time to be having a bunch of company over.