Ways a WordPress Site is Like a House: Carpet and Paint Come Last

When thinking about building a home it’s great to go to open houses and look a magazines and catalogs to find things that you like. This is an important part of the process. But when it comes time to start building, those magazine shots of the bedroom with the matching linens and the antique bedroom set don’t count for much. Your builder wants to know whether the basement will be block or poured and whether the heating system will be electric, natural gas, radiant heat, or geothermal.

It’s easy, and fun, to focus on what your website should look like. Providing guidance to your web designer/developer early on regarding your tastes and your vision for the final product can be critical. But when the time comes to get going, don’t be surprised that they ask about how you want your content and navigation structured, what third-party systems it will need to be integrated with, and who’s going to be writing the copy for the home page and maintaining the site going forward. Good design means form follows function, which is never truer than for websites.

Have fun looking at other websites and available themes, but know that there’s a lot to decide and do before you’ll be able to make a final selection.

straightTALK: The most important decisions are often the least sexy ones.