Ways a Website is Like a House: Build for the Future

When you build a house, you know it’s going to stand for a good long time. It’s going to have to work for you, or whoever lives there, for decades – perhaps even centuries. While you might build it to suit your current needs, keeping options open for future changes is always a good idea. Whether an unused room, the quality and placement of utilities, or some extra space in the backyard, thinking about possible future expansion during the construction process can save significant money and disruption down the line.

With websites, planning for the future means making sure your web design can handle growth and changes. Can your hosting handle a spike in traffic? Can you easily add new pages or menu items to the design? What if you want to rebrand the site?

You may not be able to predict the future or plan for every contingency, but building on a solid infrastructure that is flexible enough to roll with the flow makes for fewer headaches moving forward.

straightTALK: Don’t just consider your current needs. What might the future hold? Be sure you can adapt when the time comes.