straightFORWARD Web Solutions…

…will build you a website with all the good stuff under the hood to keep things running smoothly! All straightFORWARD websites are built:

  • with friendly, personalized service 🙂
  • to portray the image you desire — your brand has personality, your website should reflect that
  • with the big picture in mind — your website needs to work with the rest of your business
  • to be responsive — which means they’ll look good on whatever device your visitors happen to be using
  • with an eye toward accessibility — which makes your website reachable for people of all ages, abilities, and locations regardless of the internet-enabled device they like to use
  • using best practices — for security and code-longevity
  • to include integration with other internet services — especially social media and email services
  • with as much automation as I can bake in — because we all have enough to do!

Let’s Get Started!

Custom Website Package

Starting at $2,500

The sky’s the limit!

  • Custom Theme: Built from the ground up and made just for you
  • Unlimited Number of Pages: Start with the basic five and go from there
  • Contact Form: Let you visitors send you messages
  • Search Engine Friendly: Have your site be found by search engines such as Google and Bing (SEO)
  • Responsive Design: Adapts to whatever screen size a visitor might be using
  • Accessible: Visitors can access your site regardless of the technology they use to reach it
  • Easy Editing: WordPress is the leading content management system that makes updates something you can do yourself
  • Expanded Features: Calendars, eCommerce, and advanced forms are a few of the expanded features available (may incur additional charge)
  • Integrated Systems: Adding required features into a fully functioning system, making your website an integrated part of your business.
  • Managed Hosting: Each site includes hosting on Flywheel’s servers which are specifically tuned to make WordPress fast and secure.

Want a ballpark estimate of what your project might run? I’ve found this site provides a decent result.

Accessories & Add-Ons

Website Maintenance – For $75/month I can help keep your site running smooth with regular backups, upgrades, traffic analysis, and security monitoring. Personal support and my technical expertise is also part of the package.

Branding – While I don’t do design work, if you’re in need of a brand or a branding refresh, I’ll work through the steps you need to take to make sure you’re portraying the image you intend — and that it makes you look great!  Check out the great info at Red Slice to get started on the right track. If you want to have professional branding done (such as logos, website design, and other marketing materials), I can help you find someone who will suit your needs.